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We are always open to receiving cover letters accompanied with resumés from people interested to work for and with Humans of Film Festival. But the core team for this first edition in 2020 is set. We are currently only looking for volunteers.

Humans of Film Festival is looking for festival volunteers!

The first edition of the Humans of Film Festival is coming. The festival takes place from September 4 to September 6 and we are looking for volunteers. Do you like portrait and fly on the wall documentaries, social themes and people’s stories? Will you join our team?

What do we expect from our volunteers?
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Volunteers are representative and speak English or both Dutch and English.
  • Volunteers are available to work multiple days during the festival.
  • Volunteers have an NL/EU passport or a Dutch work / study permit.
What are the tasks of the volunteers?
  • Volunteers help our visitors, answer their questions and check tickets. You make the visitors feel welcome at the festival.
  • Volunteers support in all kinds of activities. Such as arranging chairs and tables for a talkshow/panel discussion, walking around with the microphone at a Q&A and helping the caterers with their stall preparation, etc.
  • Volunteers help with the promotion of Humans of Film Festival. Volunteers wallpaper the city with posters and hand out flyers.
What do you get in return?

During the festival you will have the opportunity to watch films. During your shift there are food, drinks and you will have a wonderful experience.

We cannot reimburse travel or accommodation expenses. But you will meet others who share your love for documentaries and film, also love delicious food and enjoy the festival fun.

You may definetely see it as a stepping stone to other future opportunities at the film festival.

How do I apply to become a volunteer?

Send an email to humansoffilmfestival[at] Explain why you are the volunteer that we are looking for. Tell us what you love about ‘human interest’ documentaries and movies, what you love about festivals about social themes and how you want to share this fun experience with the team. We will then contact you. 🙂

Questions? Send them to humansoffilmfestival[at]

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