Director’s Biography: Kivilcim Akay

Kivilcim Akay graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts (Cinema TV) in 2008. In 2011, she started her own advertising and production company called Akay Film. She is the producer and director of the first fashion documentary film in Turkey “A Century of Fashion”. In 2014, she completed her second documentary called “My WishMeer lezen over “Director’s Biography: Kivilcim Akay”

Amina (2019) by Kivilcim Akay

Seven years ago, Amina left her daughter behind in Senegal in search of a better life for them both. Now, working as a dress model for a textile company in Istanbul, Amina dreams of being a real model one day and of returning to her child. But as an African woman, she must overcome the daily challenges of an immigrant’s life in Turkey while she attempts to reconcile the disparate world between her reality and her dreams.