Slow weekly reveal: themes

In the past weeks, we revealed where submissions came from and some small details about the films that we have selected for the film festival. Now we will reveal some of the subjects treated in the films. #Xenophobia | #Inequality | #TransInclusion | #Spiritualcommune | #Racism | #BeePreservation | #SexualHarassment These can often be seenMeer lezen over “Slow weekly reveal: themes”

Slow weekly reveal: film selection map

As you may know, we informed you that 1139 films had been submitted. This week, underneath, you can find the map of all the submissions per country. In the end, the films that we have selected come from the following countries. The Netherlands | Mexico | Peru | India | The United Kingdom | TurkeyMeer lezen over “Slow weekly reveal: film selection map”