Wild Grass (2019) by Doğuş Minsin

5 September, 14:00 – 15:25h | Wild Grass is part of the Short Film Programme, in which you can enjoy other six short films. Get your tickets right here! Location: LAB111, Amsterdam, Netherlands | Click HERE for more info Film director: Doğuş Minsin | Year: 2019 | Runtime: 11 min | Genre: Drama, LGBTQ Subtitle(s):Meer lezen over “Wild Grass (2019) by Doğuş Minsin”

Director’s biography: Doğuş Minsin

Born in Istanbul in 1991, Doğuş Minsin graduated from the University of Marmara from the Cinema-TV department. In 2016, he shot ‘Raven’ (Kuzgun), an historıcal short film. ‘Wild Grass’ is his second short film. He currently works as a visual effects artist-editor for Turkish TV series and feature films. Filmography ‘Wild Grass’ (Ayrık Otu), shortMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: Doğuş Minsin”