The Blue Bed (2020) by Alireza Kazemipour

Location: Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam, Netherlands | Click HERE for more info. Film director: Alireza Kazemipour | Year: 2020 | Runtime: 14 min  Genre: Fiction | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): Persian INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE Synopsis: Zahra is a middle-aged woman who visits a temporary marriage agency and signs up to have a young working girl. She picks her up to take her home but the girl (Negar) who has never hadMeer lezen over “The Blue Bed (2020) by Alireza Kazemipour”

Genderation (2021) by Monika Treut

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. Film director: Monika Treut | Year: 2021 | Runtime: 88 min | Genre: Documentary | Production: Germany | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): English Synopsis When director Monika Treut set out at the end of the 1990s to make a film about the emerging phenomenon of ‘trans’ (transgender, transsexuality), it was to San Francisco, the epicentre of the trans scene, that she headed. WithMeer lezen over “Genderation (2021) by Monika Treut”

The Other Side of the River (2021) by Antonia Kilian

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. Film director: Antonia Kilian | Year: 2021 | Runtime: 90 min | Genre: Creative Documentary Country of Production: Germany | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): Arabic, Kurdish, German Synopsis In order to avoid a forced marriage, 19-year-old Hala runs away from her ISIS supporting family and finds shelter across the Euphrates, at the Kurdish Female Military. While learning how to fight, she getsMeer lezen over “The Other Side of the River (2021) by Antonia Kilian”

Another Paradise (2019) by Olivier Magis

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. DUTCH PREMIERE Film director: Olivier Magis | Year: 2019 | Runtime: 82 min | Genre: Documentary | Co-production: Belgium and France | Subtitle(s): Dutch | Language(s): Creole, French and English. Synopsis Fifty years ago the entire Creole population of the Chagos Islands was expelled by the British authorities. This secret operation took place in order to lease the largest island to the USMeer lezen over “Another Paradise (2019) by Olivier Magis”

The Fever (2019) by Katharina Weingartner

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam DUTCH PREMIERE Film director: Katharina Weingartner | Year: 2019 | Runtime: 99 min Genre: Documentary | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): English, Luganda, Luo, Mandarin. Synopsis The Fever portrays the fight against malaria in East Africa as a case study in greed, courage and self-determination. Programme TBA Contact Film Website: Facebook: Distribution information: Worldsales: W-film Distribution

Indebted to All Women (2019) by María Lobo and Roi Guitián

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam DUTCH PREMIERE Film director: María Lobo&Roi Guitián | Year: 2019 | Runtime: 61 min Genre: Documentary | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): Spanish Synopsis Abortion in El Salvador is punished with 20-40 years in prison. Indebted to All Women wants to give voice to those women suffering and struggling to change one of the most restrictive law in the world for sexual & reproductiveMeer lezen over “Indebted to All Women (2019) by María Lobo and Roi Guitián”

Dying for Gold (2019) by Catherine Meyburgh and Richard Pakleppa

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. DUTCH PREMIERE Film director: Catherine Meyburgh and Richard Pakleppa | Year: 2019 | Runtime: 99 min | Genre: Documentary | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): English, Isixhosa, Sesotho, Shangaan, Portuguese. Synopsis Billed as “the untold story of the making of South Africa”, this devastating documentary explores the numerous ways in which the mining industry was a key force in shaping apartheid South Africa. ForMeer lezen over “Dying for Gold (2019) by Catherine Meyburgh and Richard Pakleppa”

Hong Kong Moments (2020) by Zhou Bing

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. Film director: Zhou Bing | Year: 2020 | Runtime: 96 min | Genre: Documentary | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): Cantonese Synopsis Hong Kong Moments tells the stories of seven protagonists who live in the centre of theprotests. With their different social backgrounds and political attitudes, they representdifferent hopes and dreams—a reflection of the geopolitical conflicts in the Hong Kongsociety that is increasingly divided.Meer lezen over “Hong Kong Moments (2020) by Zhou Bing”

Unapologetic (2020) by Ashley O’Shay

Location: Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. DUTCH PREMIERE Film director: Ashley O’Shay | Year: 2020 | Runtime: 86 min | Genre: Documentary | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): English Synopsis Set during the height of the Movement for Black Lives in Chicago, UNAPOLOGETIC captures a community of millennial organizers confronting an administration complicit in state violence against its Black residents. Black, queer women organizers Janaé and Bella provide an intimateMeer lezen over “Unapologetic (2020) by Ashley O’Shay”

2021 Humans of Film Festival | Announcement // Aankondiging

24, 25, 26 september 2021 // Save the date! — English below — NL | Met blijdschap kondigen we aan dat de tweede editie van het Humans of Film Festival zal plaatsvinden op 24, 25 en 26 september 2021. We zijn zeer trots dat we kunnen mededelen dat het festival zal plaatsvinden op twee grootstedelijkeMeer lezen over “2021 Humans of Film Festival | Announcement // Aankondiging”