The festival director watches, judges, and discusses all film submissions together with a film committee consisting out of people of film and art-related educational backgrounds.


Feargal Agard, Sofia Murell, Thomas Streekstra, Sarah Rome, Nicholas Carbone, Wayyee Kan, Joep Burger, Shan Yuan Tai, Onur Kılınçcı, Ellen Bogaards.


Feargal Agard, Sofia Murell, Thomas Streekstra, Aramis Garcia Gonzalez, Sarah Rome, Laura Köpping, Nicholas Carbone, Wayyee Kan, Jackie Peralta, Saskia Mollen, Brenda Quaaden, Beryl Pinas.


Overall features & short film Judge (Feargal Agard), Feature Film Judge (Emily Giacomuzzi), Feature Film Judge (Guus Schulting), Supporting Feature Film Judge (Saskia Mollen), Short Film Judge (Sarah Rome), Short Film Judge (Maxime Hallatu), Short Film Judge (Sofia Murell) en Short Film Judge (Brenda Quaaden).