Festival guidelines in regard of COVID-19

Humans of Film Festival follows all the guidelines set up by the Dutch Government (RijksOverheid | RIVM). We closely follow daily and weekly government updates in regard to COVID-19. So far the situation surrounding the outbreak is headed in the good direction in the Netherlands. This is why the government has been more lenient with the previously much stricter guidelines. But we still remain alert and so should you.

We are currently waiting for new updates for the guidelines as from September 1st. The government had announced that cinemas may have 100 visitors in a cinema, but currently, people are seated 1,5 meters away from each other. We hope that when the outbreak continues to stay under control, that the government might extend some extra leniency towards cinemas and smaller festivals as from September 1st.

LAB111 | Our festival location and COVID-19

LAB111 strictly follows all the government guidelines and asks everyone to social distance in the cinema. You are prompted to use hand sanitizer the moment hat you step into their building and currently people are seated 1,5 meters away from each other.

Want to find more information about government guidelines? Please visit the government website for more information.

English: https://www.rivm.nl/en/novel-coronavirus-covid-19

Nederlands: https://www.rivm.nl/

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