Director’s Biography: Adriana Otero Puerto

Adriana Otero Puerto is a filmmaker from Mérida, Yucatán. She graduated from the School of Arts of Yucatán with a master’s degree in the Production and Teaching of Visual Arts. She has produced and co-directed several documentaries such as The Value of the Earth (El Valor de la Tierra), for which she won Best MexicanMeer lezen over “Director’s Biography: Adriana Otero Puerto”

Director’s Biography: Robin Canul Suárez

Robin Canul Suárez (Campeche, 1985) journalist and professional photographer, has collaborated with the magazine Tierra Adentro and in books by the National Council for Culture and the Arts. As a photojournalist he has published in peninsular and national newspapers such as the Diario de Yucatán; Por Esto!; Campeche Express; Reforma de México; La Jornada Maya;Meer lezen over “Director’s Biography: Robin Canul Suárez”

Biography film director: Carolina Monnerat

Carolina grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and began a professional Ballet career when she was just thirteen. As a dancer, she has toured the world, first as a ballerina, then as a modern dancer, bringing her to the United States to dance for Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, a modern contemporary African American danceMeer lezen over “Biography film director: Carolina Monnerat”

Director’s biography: Sarah Blok

Sarah graduated from HKU in 2015 as a screenwriter. In 2016 she wrote the short film The Big Picture, which premiered at the Go Short International Short Film Festival and a performance in the main theatre Tutorial. The art of living. The following year she directed her own location performance The Siren of Irene (OverMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: Sarah Blok”

Director’s biography: Doğuş Minsin

Born in Istanbul in 1991, Doğuş Minsin graduated from the University of Marmara from the Cinema-TV department. In 2016, he shot ‘Raven’ (Kuzgun), an historıcal short film. ‘Wild Grass’ is his second short film. He currently works as a visual effects artist-editor for Turkish TV series and feature films. Filmography ‘Wild Grass’ (Ayrık Otu), shortMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: Doğuş Minsin”

Director’s biography: Magnus Berggren

Magnus Berggren is a Norwegian editor and director. He started his career as an editor and camera operator, making documentaries about child marriage, women’s rights and refugees in south-east Asia, South America and Africa. After working in the Norwegian industry for three years, Magnus moved to London to study directing at the Met Film School,Meer lezen over “Director’s biography: Magnus Berggren”

Director’s biography: Morad Mostafa

Morad is an Egyptian Director, born in 1988 in Cairo. He studied Film directing in “Cinema Palace” in 2008 and other filmmaking workshops. He works in the filmmaking industry since 2010 as an assistant director with several directors as “Mohamed Diab”, “Hala Khalil” in Nawara, and “Sherif Elbendary” in “Ali the Goat and Ibrahim”, heMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: Morad Mostafa”

Director’s biography: César Zamudio de Souza

César Cienfuegos was born and lived his childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but at the age of 13 he migrated to Peru to live with his father until he was 29 years old. So, he undertakes a trip to Brazil by land to rediscover that fragment of his life that he left behind. He isMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: César Zamudio de Souza”

Director’s biography: Xavi Sala

Xavi Sala. Alacant (Catalan Countries), Mexican nationalized. Graduated in Journalism. Screenwriter, director and film producer. His short film Hiyab was nominated for the Goya Awards. His nine shorts films have participated in many Festivals around the world, he has received more than 80 awards and has become internationally acknowledged. He has teaching experience imparting international script workshops in LatinMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: Xavi Sala”

Director’s biography: Victoria Malinjod

Victoria Malinjod is a European actress who was born in France to a German mom and a Swiss dad. She grew up in Brussels, Belgium, and she has been acting since the age of eleven. She first started writing and directing four years ago. Making a short film based on her own experience and onMeer lezen over “Director’s biography: Victoria Malinjod”