Sponsors & partners

Stichting Humans of Film and Humans of Film festival could not exist without the help and sponsoring from all the sponsors, partners, and organizations that we have and still work with. In the list below we mention all of our sponsors, partners, and organizations as an ode to their involvement.

Our festival is and has been sponsored by:

Gemeente Amsterdam // The city of Amsterdam | Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst | VSB Fonds | Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds | Het Ketelhuis | Het Bijenfonds


The creation of the foundation was made possible by the unique individuals and companies shown below.

Hui Hui Pan: Pan Asian Collective (PAC) | Tony Hurt | Sarah Rome | Thalia Ooteman & Levi de la Vida: VI.NO.SO Natuurwijn Festival www.vinoso.nl | Nick Carbone | Mascha Ihwe: www.newlandsfestival.com | Patricia Luquero | Madelon Ponsen | Sofia Murell: Surrounded by Films | Advocaat Mr. Pim Deul: www.pddlegal.nl | Jules Fischer | Marjolijn Creton | Nathalie Sital: Magin Design | Jana Ricanek | Julia Visser | Felicia van Gastel: Disk Jockey Fegas @iamfegas | Maxime Hallatu | Carlo Zebeda | Mathew Welson: Peukenzee | Het Bijenfonds


Realizing HoFF is made possible with the help of our tremendous partners that we collaborate with.

Pan Asian Collective (PAC) | Gemeente Amsterdam: Stadsdeel West | Vrij West


Stichting Urgent | Who’s Right? Festival | WellBeeing | Dark Matter | Aidsfonds | The Hague Peace Projects | Operatie Periscoop | Fifth Friday Sisterhood