As Humans of Film Festival, we think it is important to show underexposed stories and themes, through film, that have a important social or cultural important message. By working together with organizations and communities in Amsterdam (Amsterdam West) and beyond, we seek out the connection with residents throughout the neighborhood. Together we dive into the films, their social messages and what this can mean for the neighborhood by means of an in-depth program.

Because the films have important messages that are important for the neighborhood and Amsterdam, it is of great importance to have a broad and far-reaching in-depth program at Humans of Film Festival. That’s because our goal is to give voice and raise awareness through ‘human interest’ films. You achieve this not only by watching films, but also by discussing them afterwards. Because questions, confusions and ambiguities can be answered, explained and discussed. In addition, we want to make people think about the subjects, we wnat them to be moved and touched by the films and the subjects, it will sometimes chafe, but more importantly, it connects us.


Humans of Film Festival would like to see that the bit that we contribute encourages festival visitors and residents of the Amsterdam West district, through the conversations and the films, to understand each other better. As well as creating a more cohesive district and city, broadening perspectives, but also stimulating greater awareness of human rights, empowerment and social justice. We also see the exchange that takes place at the festival as a depolarizing factor within our society