About Humans of Film Festival

The Humans of Film Festival developed from the Humans of Film Amsterdam street photography blog, a platform where personal stories of Amsterdam residents are shared. This project shares the personal impact that film can have on people and how they can find representation and recognition. It also gradually reveals the lack of diversity in the film landscape.

From this starting point, initiator Feargal Agard set about setting up a film festival that focuses on World cinema film and the so-called ‘human interest films,’ a niche that was still missing in the Dutch film landscape. Human interest refers to films that focus on people, their experiences, and the environment that they live in. In a society that is increasingly polarizing on a social and political level, this festival attempts to create a space for encounters, where stories are told and shared by and for people who are not often heard enough. This is why we are a film festival with a social and cultural aim. To achieve our goals we collaborate with individuals and organisations who are active in social and cultural causes and or work within the creative industries.

The film programmes of Humans of Film Festival focuses on seven main thematical sections:

1, Female-centered stories
2, Stories about racism or discrimination
3, Queer / LGBTIQ+ stories
4, Migrant stories
5, Environmental or ecological stories
6, Stories about mental or physical impairments
7, Social (in)justice stories


Stichting | Foundation Humans of Film

Humans of Film festival is an initiative and project of Foundation | Stichting Humans of Film. Foundation | Stichting Humans of Film is a non-profit organization that is dependent on project-based grants from cultural fund institutions and donations from its following. Besides the film festival, we have another active project named LGBTQ Humans of Amsterdam through which we give young queer (and ally) professional photographers the stage to tell important queer-oriented stories. The photos, accompanied by stories, are presented through expositions held at public libraries (such as in Amsterdam and The Hague), but also museums (such as Amsterdam Museum).

The Foundation | Stichting is led by the following board members.

Board members 

Chairman: Mascha Ihwe – Newlands Festival / Tapis Rouge

Secretary: Valeria Martielli – Rijksmuseum

Treasurer: Way Yee Kan – Delta Lloyd

Board member: Jana Ricanek – Rijksmuseum

Board member: Chris Belloni – Stichting ART.1 / IQMF / Supernova Cinema

Primary foundation advisors

Advisor: Hui Hui Pan – Pan Asian Collective

Advisor: Manjit Kaur – Fifth Friday Sisterhood / Week Against Racism

Foundation information: Stichting | Foundation Humans of Film

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  • RSIN: 860608414
  • BANK (IBAN): NL71 BUNQ 2075 5694 79
  • BTW // VAT: NL860608414B01