Special film screening: All the Colours of the World are between Black and White (2023)

With the Courtesy of International Queer & Migrant Filmfestival

Film still: With the Courtesy of International Queer & Migrant Filmfestival

On Wednesday May 31st at 7:00 PM we had the honor of collaborating on a special film screening with International Queer & Migration Filmfestival and This is Upepo, two intriguing organizations who are part of the Queer Network Amsterdam. During this special screening we showed the film All the Colours of the World are between Black and White (2023) by multi-talented film director Babatunde Apalowo at cinema LAB111. All the Colours of the World are between Black and White (2023) is a subtle and undeniably beautiful Nigerian queer film. At the Berlinale 2023, this politically sensitive, but very important film, won the Teddy Award for best LGBTIQ+ film. After the film a brief discussion took place with Mini Maxwell from This is Upepo as moderator.

Director: Babatunde Apalowo

Multi-talented filmmaker Babatunde Apalowo does full justice to the title of his film. With a rather inconspicuous color composition, he tells a subdued and tender story about two men who become close in a society in which sexual relations between people of the same sex are taboo and are even punishable by prosecution. Like a dance around each other, an intimate bond slowly unfolds, which is conveyed in concentrated images and a form of calmness. In short, All the Colors of the World Are Between Black and White (2023) is a sensual and politically significant Nigerian film about finding love where you least expect it.

Synopsis: All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White (2023)

Main character Bambino is a single man and works as a delivery man in Lagos. With the certainty of a steady income, he is still looking forward to a promised promotion that is long overdue. He is appreciated by the neighborhood, helps other people financially where he can and is generous when people aren’t able to pay him back on time. His neighbor Ifeyinwa’s advances leave him cold, but when he meets the charismatic Bawa, the two immediately hit it off. Due to a photo competition, the two men are frequently driving around the city, taking long explorations together. As Bawa looks at him through his camera lens, it soon becomes clear that he sees Bambino not only as a good model, but also more than just a good friend.

Aftertalk: Mini Maxwell from This is Upepo

During the aftertalk we discussed the film, but above all we discussed the subject. There are also queer people from Nigeria living in the Netherlands, who have a story to tell and want to be heard. Together with Mini Maxwell we discussed the current situation in Nigeria, gained insight into these experiences, but also discussed why homosexuality is still a taboo in Nigeria and discovered how we can contribute.

Collaboration Stichting ART.1, This is Upepo and stichting Humans of Film

The Stichting ART.1 Foundation (International Queer & Migrant Film Festival), This is Upepo and the Stichting Humans of Film Foundation (Humans of Film Festival) all have the goal as social organizations to give important stories of queer people a stage. By showing these stories and discussing them, we can make people think about these topics as a whole.