Festival Theme 2022: Spaces

Our 2022 festival revolves around the theme Spaces: Make Room! 

We sincerely hope this year’s films and talks encourage you to reflect on and question your immediate surroundings, social (and environmental) issues around the world, and your assumptions and beliefs about others. How do you feel about the way you and your surroundings are represented in the (mainstream) media? Are you represented? Do you feel seen and heard at work, home, school, and society at large? Why does one person feel empowered, superior or even inviolable in a particular space while another does not feel welcome there? What makes a safe space safe?

Inspired by the festival’s theme, designer and curator Minhong Yu from I YU STUDIO created the poster of this third edition.

“The concept of the design comes from the ‘QI’ of flowing water and mountains, which connects the nature and the human being, the body and the space, the imagination and the wandering.”


HoFF poster English