De Uitvoerend kunstenaars | Slavernij: Post-excuses Amsterdam

Tijdens het programma Slavernij: Post-excuses Amsterdam kan je op participatieve wijze onderdeel worden van de intrigerende en sterke kunstuitvoering ‘Witboi’, dat de focus legt op ‘colorisme’ of ‘whiteness’, een ideeën geboren in de dagen van de trans-Atlantische slavernij, maar heden ten dage nog steeds zijn effect heeft op niet alleen mensen van kleur, maar iedere gemeenschap, en dus ook binnen de Nederlandse cultuur. Hoewel confronterend, word het stuk uitgevoerd binnen het concept ‘safe space’, wat betekent dat er heel veel ruimte voor dialoog is, ruimte om respectvol met elkaar te praten, bewuster te worden, elkaar leren begrijpen, de geschiedenis leren begrijpen en van elkaar te leren. Schuldgevoel is niet het doel, maar bewustwording. ‘Witboi’ wordt uitgevoerd door Sabrina Schoop, Quincy Lettinck en Junior Appiah (Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht).

Saturday | 25 Sept 2021 | 12:20 – 13:20h | This screening is free but we ask visitors to reserve the tickets.

Location: Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sabrina A Schoop 

Sabrina A Schoop (Willemstad, Curacao, 1996) is a performance artist, poet and educator with a heart for collective education. Coming from an island that is a melting pot of cultures, she creates works that function as a common ground but also causes friction. As an artist that primarily uses oral literature and body language to create art, she finds it important to spend time conversing and co-creating work about cultural differences and commonalities with other artists and the community itself. She believes that this will promote better understanding and respect for each other’s culture and perspective , here in is individual interpretation and self-expression an essential part just as the exploration of one’s own cultural background.

Instagram: Sabrina_Schoop_

Junior Appiah

I am Junior Appiah, A 21 year old student that is about to attend his second year in the HKU (Fine Art and Design in Education). I grew up in Almere, raised in a Ghanaian household. I blend social-cultural, social-psychological and spiritual themes within my artistry. 


Quincy Alwin Lettinck

Quincy Alwin Lettinck (The Netherlands, 1999) is a visual artist and educator. As a person who is bicultural he questions the artistic and educational field on colonial structures. Co-creation is essential within his work. His practice is more than just an individual matter, working together with other artists, educators and activists is what inspires and drives him. He sees the need to be individualistic as a western standard.

Within his artwork he uses ready-made objects that often remain in their original form, telling a personal yet shared story. He places these objects in large scale installations that he combines with performance. He sees performance as a physical human presence that can create a connection between his installations and the spectator. In his latest work ‘Witboi’ he reflects on his own whiteness and the underlying structures based on colonialism and colorism. In the work he uses ‘blauwsel’ that was initially produced to whiten laundry. This process is used as a metaphor for the constant need of his family to adjust to white standards. Resulting in the whitewashing of entire generations.

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