UMAD a Decolinizing Ritual

Saturday | 25 Sept 2021 | 18:45 – 20:05h | Get your tickets right here!

Location: Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam, Netherlands | Click HERE for more info

UMAD a Decolinizing Ritual is a participative dance & film programme consisting of a short film, dance, dance rituals, dialogue all within a participative experience.


A decolonizing ritual

In short film UMAD (Hindi: emotional overflow) you witness the spiritual journey of decolonization for four artists with roots in Surinam, India, and the Netherlands. They negotiate with histories of forced labour migration and colonialism, the erasure of cultures they belong to, cultures they have come to belong to, and the oppressive systems which continue to exist today. All of them have been touched by the Dutch colonial project, but are shaped differently through their personal experiences in life through religion, gender, and sexuality, which becomes visible through their authentic visions on decolonization and healing. The short film is part of program including a writing ritual, group conversation on the concept of ancestry, spoken word and more.

Fazle Shairmahomed dances towards a state of trance inspired by Sufi dance rituals of Gnawa and Zar, and Afro-Surinamese Winti culture.

Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen confronts a history of exotification through Indian dances, henna art, and facial expressions.

Rubaina Bhikhie questions the relationship with her ancestors through spoken word, while claiming her space in history and time as a royalty in the city where she belongs.

Taskien Khudabux finds herself in the mother womb building a catharsis through her femininity,  Islamic prayers, and the internal struggle for liberation.


  • Start program: 18:50h | Sept 25th
  • Foyer | Walk in ceremony: Opening ritual to wash hands and with tea in foyer
  • Performance Space | Introduction: introduction and writing ritual dedicated to the ancestors
  • Film screening: 18 min | 1 short film: UMAD
  • Group conversation: UMAD a decolonizing ritual | racism & discrimination
  • Closing act: Poetry or a song by the co-host Shishani
  • Outdoors | Closing ritual: burning of written text in fire with petals of lavender in the open air
  • Hosts: Fazle Shairmahomed
  • Co-Host: Shishani

Fazle Shairmahomed

Fazle Shairmahomed creates decolonizing rituals, performance art, and dance. Their work is rooted in ancestral work and intersectional activism. Through the urgency of community building their work creates spaces in which different communities are invited to nurture conversations around colonialism and the ways in which it has impacted our histories and the ways in which it exists today. The multi-sensorial approach in their work also challenges the ways in which we perceive the world around us through themes such as death, rebirth, ancestry, belonging, colonial histories, and healing. Since 2013 he is also one of the members of CLOUD danslab, an artist run dance studio which supports research and practice of dance, movement, and performance art in the Hague.

Foto credits: © Gregor Servais


Shishani is singer-songwriter en gitarist met roots in Namibië & Belgie, maar groeide voornamelijk op in Nederland. In haar werk brengt ze deze werelden samen. Ze heeft verscheidene prijzen gewonnen in het binnen- en buitenland waaronder: Best Band in Namibia (2012), Best Singer-Songwriter van Amsterdam (2013),  Best World Music Production in Nederland 2016 en 2017. Ze tourt internationaal en speelde door Europa, Afrika, Rusland, Jordanie, China, Zuid Korea en India en trad o.a op bij Glastonbury (UK). Met haar kwartet Namibian Tales onderzochten ze in samenwerking met UNESCO de muzikale tradities van San (“Bushmen”) communities uit de Namibische Kalahari woestijn, waarbij de kracht van natuur en muziek belicht wordt. In opleiding is ze antropoloog & musicoloog en schreef ze o.a voor Bloomsbury Encyclopedia over Namibische muziek. Als artiest & activist belicht ze sociale vraagstukken en heling in haar werk. Zij is oprichter van Miss Catharsis, een collectief dat het werk van vrouwelijke muzikanten van kleur centraliseert. 


Artists: Fazle Shairmahomed, Taskien Khudabux, Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen, Rubaina Bhikhie
Film and edit: Tanja Busking
Sound: Marlon Penn
Research: Zuleika Sheik
Photography: Milan Tettero

Made possible by: crowdfunding whydonate, Masala Movement, theater De Vaillant, Gemeente Den Haag, Cultuurschakel, Fonds1818, Fonds voor Cultuurpartcipatie, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, VSB Fonds

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