Call for entries 2021 is live!

Submission deadlines

Regular deadline *31st of January 2021
Cost: $2,50

Late deadline *28th of February 2021
Cost: $3
You may use this discount code: HoFF50percent
The code can be used 25 times. After that it is unusable. So be quick. 😉

*Regular and late deadline Student & Gold fees are lower than the prices shown above.
Submit on Film Freeway:

  • Feature fiction films
  • Feature documentaries
  • Short fiction films
  • Short documentaries
  • Films no longer than 120 minutes

    We are looking for films about the following subjects and themes:

    Human rights | Social justice | Socio-economic issues | Environment & climate change | Women’s rights and empowerment | Gender based violence in lockdowns | LGBTQ+ rights and empowerment | LGBTQ protests in Eastern Europe | Racism & discrimination | Black Lives Matter | Anti-Asian discrimination (Covid related) | Covid-19 | Animal rights | Urban issues | Health & disabilities | Refugee rights & Immigration | Local issues (Amsterdam) | Gender roles & equality

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