2021 HoFF Festival Programme

NL | De tweede officiële editie van Humans of Film Festival vindt plaats van 24 t/m 26 september 2021, in Het Ketelhuis en Podium Mozaïek. Beide locaties hebben hun eigen unieke programma’s. We vertonen 14 speelfilmprogramma’s & 10 nevenprogramma’s. Alle programma’s hebben paneldiscussies en Q&A’s die aansluiten op het verbindende festivalthema van dit jaar, “Luider dan voorheen: tegen racisme & discriminatie”. Als je naar beneden scrolt kun je alle films en programma’s bekijken van het filmfestival. Klik op de afbeelding om meer informatie te krijgen en je tickets te bemachtigen.

ENG | The second official edition of Humans of Film Festival will take place from the 24th till the 26th of september 2021, at Het Ketelhuis and Podium Mozaïek. Both location have their own unique programs. We are showing 14 feature film programs & 10 side programs. All programs have panel discussions and Q&A’s that connect to this year’s unifying theme, “Louder than before: against racism & discrimination”. Below you can check out all the films and programs that we have. Click on the image to get more information and get your tickets.

NOTE!!! Please come in at least 15 minutes in advance. Because of COVID-19 regulations and social distancing we need more time to get the audience into the cinema.

Feature films



Side & short film programmes


Unapologetic (2020)

82 min | USA
by Ashley O’Shay
Opening film | Dutch premiere

Along the Sea (2020)

88 min | Japan
by Akio Fujimoto
Closing film | TBA premiere


90 min | Panel discussion hosted by Pan Asian Collective // Omroep PAC | Panellists: TBA | Short films: De Ideale Allochtoon (2020), TBA.

A Fish out of Water

90 min | Short films: Rebel (2020), Mthunzi (2020), The Blue Bed (2019) & Dafa Metti (2020). | Panellists: Godfrey Lado (ASKV Vluchtelingen), TBA.

Help is on the way

Help is on the Way (2020)

90 min | Indonesia
By Ismail Fahmi Lubis
Dutch premiere

Indebted to all women

Indebted to all Women (2019)

60 min | Spain, El Salvador
by María Lobo, Roi Guitián
Dutch premiere

Stop LGBTQ phobic violence

90 min | Short films: Unliveable (2020), Libertà (2019) & Irreversibile (2020). | Panellists: Alice Gilaard (MultiBeL), Rohit Vyas (Respect2love).

Humans of Film Festival


00 min | TBA
More information coming soon

Hong Kong Moments

Hong Kong Moments (2020)

97 min | Hong Kong
by Zhou Bing
Dutch premiere

Genderation (2021)

88 min | USA
by Monika Treut
Dutch premiere

UMAD Decolinising ritual

75 min | TBA
by Fazle Shairmahomed | Co-host: TBA |
Participatief film- en dansprogramma

The Elderly, Covid-19 & Isolation

90 min | Panel discussion hosted by Be Connected | Panellists: Cathelijne Denekamp (Rijksmuseum), TBA. | Films: Isolated (2020).

The Fever (2019)

99 min | Austria
by Katharina Weingartner
Dutch premiere

Amazon Mirror (2020)

80 min | Brazil
by Fernando Segtowick
Dutch premiere

Why Talk Rights?!

100 min | Panel discussions hosted by Who’s Right? Festival | Panellists: TBA. Films: 7th of August (2020) & A Boy Named Freedom (2020).


90 min | Short films: The Prince (2019), Holding Fire (2020) & TBA. | Panellists: TBA.

Another Paradise (2019)

82 min | Belgium, Chagossia
by Olivier Magis
Dutch premiere

Aylesbury Estate (2020)

91 min | Italy, UK
by Carlotta Berti
Dutch premiere

Women’s stories

90 min | Short films: Demi (2020), Shibuya Tokyo 16:30 (2020) & Sunny Side Up (2020). | Panellists: TBA.

Slavernij | Slavery

00 min | TBA
More information coming soon

Dying for Gold (2019)

99 min | South Africa
by Catherine Meyburgh, Richard Pakleppa
Dutch premiere

Green Blood (2020)

90 min | France
by Arthur Bouvart
Dutch premiere

The other side of the River (2021)

90 min | Germany, Syria
by Antonia Killian
Dutch premiere

Humans of Film Festival


00 min | TBA
More information coming soon

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