Nobu (2018) by Sarah Blok

Nobu (2018)

5 September, 14:00 – 15:25h | Nobu is part of the short film programme, in which you can enjoy other six short films. Get your tickets right here!

Location: LAB 111, Amsterdam, Netherlands | Click HERE for more info

Film director: Sarah Blok | Year: 2018 | Runtime: 9 min Genre: Documentary, short film | Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): English, Dutch

Synopsis: NOBU is a short film about former world champion in karate and Japanese immigrant Nobuaki Konno. In this film, his daughter and fashion designer Lisa Konno asks him about his experiences with cultural differences.

Credits & Specifications

  • Director: Sarah Blok
  • Writer:
  • Producer:
  • Actors: Nobu
  • Project Type: Documentary, Short
  • Genres: Drama, experimental
  • Runtime: 9 minutes 20 seconds
  • Year of completion: 2018
  • Country of Origin: Netherlands
  • Country of Filming: Netherlands
  • Language: English, Dutch
  • Distribution information: