Wild Grass (2019) by Doğuş Minsin

Wild Grass

5 September, 14:00 – 15:25h | Wild Grass is part of the Short Film Programme, in which you can enjoy other six short films. Get your tickets right here!

Location: LAB111, Amsterdam, Netherlands | Click HERE for more info

Film director: Doğuş Minsin | Year: 2019 | Runtime: 11 min | Genre: Drama, LGBTQ
Subtitle(s): English | Language(s): Turkish


Synopsis: Aytug, a young man from Istanbul, enjoys his drink at a local café while freely being himself. Since he doesn’t conform to the normative gender role imposed by Turkish society, Aytug’s fight to exist has just begun…

Credits & Specifications

  • Director: Doğuş Minsin
  • Writer: Muhammed Toprak, Gülşay Minsin, Esat Kaya
  • Producer: Ece Güçer
  • Actors: Gökay Türkmen
  • Project Type: Fiction, Short
  • Themes: LBGTQ, non-binary, genderfluid
  • Runtime: 10 minutes 43 seconds
  • Year of completion: 2019
  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • Country of Filming: Turkey
  • Language: Turkish
  • Distribution information:

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