Director’s biography: Morad Mostafa

Director’s biography: Morad Mostafa

Morad is an Egyptian Director, born in 1988 in Cairo. He studied Film directing in “Cinema Palace” in 2008 and other filmmaking workshops. He works in the filmmaking industry since 2010 as an assistant director with several directors as “Mohamed Diab”, “Hala Khalil” in Nawara, and “Sherif Elbendary” in “Ali the Goat and Ibrahim”, he directed his first short film “Ward’s Henna Party” in 2019-World Premiere at Clermont Ferrand 2020.


  • (2019) “Ward’s Henna Party” Short Film – Director
  • World Premiere at Clermont Ferrand ISFF 2020
  • (2019) “Sunday at 5 o’clock” Short film – dir. Sherif Elbendary – Cameraman
  • “World premiere” Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Film.
  • (2019)”Soad” Feature film – dir. Ayten Amin – 1st assistant director
  • (2017) “The Brotherhood TV series – part 2 ” dir. Sherif Elbendary – 1st assistant director.
  • (2016) Feature film “Ali the Goat and Ibrahim” dir Sherif Elbendary – 1st assistant director.
  • Best Actor award at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival
  • Best Film award in Malmo Arab Film
  • (2014) Feature film “Nawara” dir. Hala Khalil – 2nd assistant director
  • Best Actress award at the 12th Dubai International Film Festival
  • (2010) Feature film “678”, Feature film, dir. Mohamed Diab.3 – 3rd assistant director

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