Director’s biography: Jonathan Ofek

Director's biography: Jonathan Ofek

Jonathan Ofek was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1978. When he was 2 months old he traveled with his parents and older sister to an Ashram in south India and has since then lived in both Jerusalem & India till he was 21. When he was 12 he asked for a video-camera for his Bar-Mitzvah (Jewish coming of age birthday) and began making videos and short films. He studied film and theater in high-school, and after finishing his compulsory army service went on to study film at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem.

Jonathan Ofek is a Director, screenwriter and cinematographer, he directed the short films: “Adam’s day”, “Requiem for a snail”. And was the cinematographer on many films, among of which are award winning: “The substitute”, “Flipping out” by Yoav Shamir, “No free lunch”, “Quantom leap”, “Codetta” and more.


2020 – KELEV (15 min drama).

2014 Ronan Steinbaum – “All of this” – Music video.

2012 Dentist commercial.

2009 Ronan Steinbaum – “I’m not mad” – Music video.

2008 “Adam’s Day” (22 min’ drama). Jerusalem film festival drama.

2003 “Requiem for a snail” (10 min’ drama, 16 m”m film), channel 2 TV.

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