Director’s biography: Amir Ramadan

Director’s biography: Amir Ramadan

Amir Ramadan was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1987. A month after his birth he and his mother moved to Milan to join his father who had already been living in Italy. He started his studies in Milan where he lived up until the age of twenty, then moved back to Cairo. In Egypt he attended the International Academy of the Science of Communication, specializing in Cinematography. While still a student he started to work for film directors already well known in Egypt and the Middle-East.

The first film he worked in as an assistant operator was ElMosafer (The Passenger) produced by the Ministry of Culture of Egypt, directed by Ahmed Maher, Director of Photography Marco Onorato, chief character Omar El Sharif. After that, he worked once again as an assistant operator in the film Ahki ya Sharazad (Sharazad Tell Me a Story), produced by Al Patros Egypt, directed by Yosry Nasrallah, Photography by Samir Bahzan. At the same time, he started to work as a Director of Photography in some short films with his University colleagues: W.C., El Khashabet Masrah, AlAwda. Other than that he worked as an assistant operator for commercials: Middle East Danette and Child Rights Middle East.

In 2010 he worked with Italian Embassy in Egypt seeing to the direction of photography in a project about the Women’s Rights in Egypt. In 2011 he worked as an assistant for the photography in the film Bibo & Bishir produced by New Century Egypt, directed by Miriam Abou Ouef, director of photography Victor Credi. In the same year, the returned to Italy and made his first short film, Nothing Different.

In 2012 he worked as a third cameraman in the film Cha, Cha, Cha produced by Bibi films, directed by Marco Risi, photography by Marco Onorato. During the same year, he worked as a cameraman for a documentary about the life of Reynolds Messner, produced by Red film. In 2013 he made his second short film, Lontano da Tirana (Far from Tirana).

In 2014 he saw to and worked on the photography of a video clip in Dubai for a singer of the Emirates, produced by Rotana Dubai. The following year he worked for the photography of a television series in Kuwait Mozakerat Dawood ( Dawood Memories ) directed by Sultan Khasroh. In the same year, he worked on the photography of a documentary called The Wall filmed in Cyprus, Ireland, and Palestine, produced by Al Jazeera Documentary and Spot1, directed by Sherif Fathy.

In 2015 he worked on the cinematography for the film Apartment Six, produced by Angham Alhuraibi Kuwait, directed by AbdulAziz AlAmmar and Lulwah AbdulSalam. In 2016 he worked for the cinematography of the film Bibi, produced by Magic Lens Kuwait, directed by AbdulAziz AlAmmar and Lulwah AbdulSalam.

In 2017 begins a collaboration with the RecFilms and Dinamo production, working on photography music videos and commercials for well-known brands.

In 2018 he takes care of the photography of two music videos for Mahmoud El Esseily produced by Vodafone Middle-East. In the same year, he made his third short film as a director entitled “I AM FATOU”. He also directed a music video clip produced by Vodafone Middle-East at the end of the same year.

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